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I don’t know about you but when it comes to considering who to work with, I have always preferred “word of mouth” as a useful starting point.

In fact, when it comes to working with our customers, it’s what we have been relying on for the past 25 years.

So, here’s what our customers say:

Colin brings a fresh and unique approach to his consulting that sets him apart. He cares about the positive outcomes of his work with people and teams. He seeks to ensure what he delivers is fit for purpose and is designed for sustainable impact and application. Participants working with him never forget the experience. They ask him to return. To work elsewhere in their organisation, and they always learn a great deal from the way he works.
He is generous and genuine in his passion and commitment to enable real and meaningful learning.

Jean Floodgate MBE
Former Head of Learning and Development at The Body Shop International PLC

I attended the first of many of Colin’s workshops in the earlier stages of my career, and it still represents one of the most defining moments of my personal and professional development.
It’s much more than a training. It’s a journey into brain-based learning that made me a more thoughtful, inclusive and empathetic leader. A priceless experience!

Anna Campagna
Sr. Director Global Sales Heineken

Working with Colin has changed profoundly the way that I and my team are doing trainings and learning programs. And that is since 2007 when I first met and worked with Colin. Besides delivering interactive and powerful learning events and workshops I have worked with Colin in leadership development, change management, and coaching at very senior leadership level across countries and companies. While I have worked with other consultants and partners, so far I can say that Colin and Natural Learning are by far the best at understanding my needs and challenges and deliver tailor made and impactful Organisational development solutions. One more thing that Colin does differently from others in the market is that he will always tell you what he can do and what he can’t do for you and not pretend that he is an expert in everything. I appreciate and trust his professionalism completely

Constantin Băcică
HR director Ecolab

Colin’s approach to brain-based learning and changing the approach managers have taken to communication has been a key element of our overall strategy in developing our culture. A culture that was recognised by CQC as central to our achievement of an “Outstanding” rating and in achieving HSJ provider Trust of the year in 2018.

Chris Oakes
Director of HR and OD Northampton NHS Healthcare Trust

Colin is a top facilitator, the best I have experienced as a participant on a course and as a budget holder commissioning programmes. I first worked with him over 20 years ago and the skills and techniques he taught me as facilitator and as manager have held me in good stead.

He understands how different types of people communicate and learn and has a depth of knowledge, which shows a deep passion. I was lucky enough to bump into Colin early on in my career, and he has been a significant part of my development from ‘rookie’ manager to director and head of function.

Christopher Rogerson
Group Head of HR & Development, Northstone (NI) Ltd, part of CRH plc.

The sessions facilitated by Collin have been a WOW experience that produced life-long changes for me. From the way to clarify my objectives with regards to what I want my audience to know, think and feel, to the way I structure my approach and to how I put all the things together to create a relevant, useful and powerful experience for the participants. The concepts learned during the workshops are still very vivid in my mind and I continue to apply them successfully in my work. Really grateful for having quite some opportunities to work together!

Raluca Modoran
Head of HR, Vodafone Shared Services Romania

I have been working with Colin since 2016.
He’s been a great support mostly in changing the way we conduct training within Heineken Supply Chain.
Our first workshop together has been a life-changing experience, a real eye-opener.
It made me realise the real reasons why our earlier set-up wasn’t effective enough.
Ever since, we have organised many sessions, both face-2-face and online, to enable more people to communicate more effectively.
And in each session Colin has been his very passionate self, with a great ability to ensure all the participants feel comfortable, are heard, and leave the ‘room’ feeling empowered to take on the next challenge. Whether it is conducting a training, or any form of team meeting, or communication session.
Very often the feedback we received is, that this has been the best course people have ever been on, and they wish their manager had gone through the course as well!

Karen Doesburg-Smits
Global HRM Supply Chain - Heineken

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