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Karen Doesburg-Smits – Heineken

I have been working with Colin since 2016.
He’s been a great support mostly in changing the way we conduct training within Heineken Supply Chain.
Our first workshop together has been a life-changing experience, a real eye-opener.
It made me realise the real reasons why our earlier set-up wasn’t effective enough.
Ever since, we have organised many sessions, both face-2-face and online, to enable more people to communicate more effectively.
And in each session Colin has been his very passionate self, with a great ability to ensure all the participants feel comfortable, are heard, and leave the ‘room’ feeling empowered to take on the next challenge. Whether it is conducting a training, or any form of team meeting, or communication session.
Very often the feedback we received is, that this has been the best course people have ever been on, and they wish their manager had gone through the course as well!

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