Presenting Naturally

If being asked to present at a meeting, or to deliver a training session fills you with dread, then you are not alone. Many people report that if they had a choice, they would rather avoid it or do something less scary - like jumping from an airplane!

Let’s say you have been asked to present and you can’t get out of it without potentially jeopardising your career in some way.  You still don’t want to do it and the feeling in your stomach is letting you know just how badly you don’t want to do it…what then? Take a "sick day"? Not without risk and you will probably just postpone the inevitable.  Looks like you will have to just get it over with and mumble through; ‘feel the fear and do it anyway’. 

Even this is a problem though because whether you realise it or not, being able to present well is a necessary passport to career progression whereas just getting through it …is not. 

Now some people may not want to progress in their career therefore "just getting through it" might suffice, but if you are one of those people who want to reach their full potential then you will need another option.

The good news is if you are reading this you are very close to an answer.  

By learning a few simple techniques we can show you how you can both banish the nerves, and improve your impact and presence in record time. The good news is that it will be the real ‘you’ who shines through, not a poor imitation of a professional presenter. You may even get that career passport faster than you think.

Presenting Naturally is a two-day workshop that will turn your idea of what it means to present on its head, and still be your real self in the process.