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Getting REAL

The workshops outlined on this page represent our partnership with McGarry Associates. These workshops help organisations by getting R.E.A.L.

Resources for Effective and Affective Leading

Girls Performing Dab Dance

REAL Teams

Getting better, together.

Get quicker and longer lasting team performance by learning, how to address underlying emotional behaviours in teams!

Do you ever wonder why some teams seem to be characterised by conflict, task avoidance and interpersonal bitterness? 

If you thought achieveing high performance teams was hard in the in the past, notice what it is like now……

Have you ever wondered why it can be difficult to:

  • Develop trust and collaborative relationships

  • Create a shared vision and team identity

  • Ensure commitment to team goals and effective communication

Real Presenting

Being your engaging self

Speaker with a Poduim

Most presentations skills training try to turn you into a “presenter” to to deliver “content” - often in a disengaging way such as PowerPoint and in a style that is not really who you are. We teach you how to communicate to PEOPLE first (how attention and engagement are required and how to to it) and CONTENT second (how to use your body and voice to maximum effect when delivering). Most importantly, you get to learn how to do this and be yourself at the same time.


Power and Politics

A survival guide

Territory boundaries, turf wars and infighting  sabotage organizational life and company performance yet they continue unabated unless there is the will to do something about them. 

Territory games games (politics) are often emotional they are rarely rational, logical or  even conscious they are however inescapable.

How do we deescalate turf wars and silo mentalities in our organizations?

To operate effectively leaders need to understand the causes and effects of people politics and develop the capacity to become themselves politically savvy and incorruptible.

Our Politics and Power workshop explores how and why ‘politics happen’ and what smart leaders can doing to mitigate damage to organisational performance. 

Triple Hug

Relationships @ Work

Getting what you want and getting along

“People leave their bosses, not their jobs” is a phrase that seems to reflect how critical effective relationships are as a leader or work colleague. How can we apply some fundamental principles to enable ourselves to get what we want, and get along at the same time?

Drawing on evidence based psychology and offering practical, applicable strategies and tools, this workshop provides a deep insight into the challenges we face, and how to overcome them, when trying to form, build, and keep, effective relationships at work.

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