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Training skills development

The Problem

Transform mandatory health and safety training (H&S) from “Death by PowerPoint” to engaging workshops.

The Aim

Develop a training team to be able to sustainably design and deliver engaging and effective workshops to address the current issue and be equipped to continuously improve further workshops.

The Solution

To create a common purpose and to generate ownership by the training team we did the following:

We created a cohort from a cross-section of the whole organisation to provide feedback on their experiences of the mandatory H&S training and separated the issues related to the delivery methods of the team from those that were organisationally driven.

We then shared the relevant data to identify the common themes and drivers.

Then, we asked them to identify the current challenges that they experience when delivering mandatory training and assessed the team’s current training methods.

Key areas were around:

  • How to create higher levels of engagement
  • Alternative approaches to PowerPoint presentations
  • Dealing with difficult people

Finally, we designed a series of learning interventions that directly addressed the feedback and their own facilitation challenges which included:

  • Pre-work to bring their current training manuals for the workshops they delivered so that they could explore alternatives to their current processes.
  • Bespoke 2-day experiential TTT session.
  • One-to-one design feedback sessions to help each facilitator re-design their workshops based on their new learning.
  • 2-day Live group coaching session where each facilitator delivered key elements of their re-designed workshops with direct feedback from the learners in the room and additional input from TNLC.
  • Finally, “Go live” sessions with TNLC providing support, guidance, and feedback for each facilitator during their delivery.


As a result of the process the team achieved the following:

  • The training team delivered their transformed sessions with confidence.
  • They were able to work together to continue to design other workshops using the methods they had learned without external consultants.
  • The original cohort concluded that all their previous issues had been addressed.
  • Participant’s feedback was so positive, the team received a Service Award for the quality of their workshops. (Bearing in mind, this was mandatory H&S training, this had never happened before!)

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