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Organisational/Leadership Development

The Problem

Poor leadership behaviours resulting in siloed teams who didn’t want to collaborate.

The Aim

For the organisation to “own” the problems and the solutions that they co-created

The Solution

We partnered with an organisation to co-create a process to develop a cohesive leadership team aligned to a shared Values, Vision and Mission.

This project included data gathering, using appreciative enquiry techniques, anonymously gathered data from one-to-one interviews (to get the real story) and then presenting “The truth” to the whole team, so that they could shape their future around agreed behaviours and future learning needs.

Using the principle that “people support what they help to create”, we supported the creation of a design team (who formed a microcosm of the whole system and were trained to be able to conduct this type of consultative process from within the organisation going forward), who, using the data collected, designed a participative meeting for the whole – clarifying the purpose and outcomes of the meeting and ensuring that this included the co-creation of a Leadership Charter and future learning needs.


The whole process enabled the system to see itself and resulted in the following outcomes:

  • The leadership team agreed joint responsibility on a way forward to role model agreed leadership behaviours.
  • Leaders took personal responsibility and publicly committed to work on the blockers that had been identified at the “enquiry” stage.
  • Specific areas of cross-department working groups were created to focus on future learning needs.

And the verdict from the leadership team?

Hard Work – But Worth It

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